Have you ever tried to find a good “how to” article or a good strategy overview written for professional website managers?

I did. And I could find plenty of good stuff aimed at the “I love thinking about the Internet” set or the “I love cutting edge web technology” set. But very little at the “I am running a website group at a real company” set.

Although techie articles and pie-in-the-sky articles have their place, when you need real answers for real problems they just don’t give you what you need. You want actionable answers not down-in-the-dirt details or information about macro trends on the Internet.

So I set out to make a website that provides actionable answers to the questions that website managers ask on the topics that matter. Topics like:

  • Project Management finding big problems, coming up with solutions and mobilizing the teams to get the problem solved
  • Content Management slicing and dicing through requests for new web pages, getting the pieces together and getting it live without hiring a legion of web producers
  • Internet Marketing getting the folks to the site, getting them on the list, and then getting them through the funnel to sales or a shopping cart
  • Web Development developing the technology that makes it all possible

And while those are pretty big topics, they are the topics you deal with every day when you run a big-ish website. And if you hang with me, I am going to spill the good stuff I learned from doing this stuff myself.

The next question you are thinking is… who is this guy?

Website Project Roadmap Resources

Website Project Roadmap Technique

Creating a project roadmap for a set of projects or a program is a pretty common thing as a quick google search points out but there is almost no information about to make one. I find this interesting because ongoing set of projects, often called a program, almost always has a need for a roadmap as a lightweight planning and communication tool.

The closest project management technique like the one documented here this is Technology Roadmapping. Technology Roadmapping is a product management technique, which starts by identifying a set of business need then defines a set of projects to deliver the solution at a high level. Similar to the technique I have described but adds a large strategic planning element and a lot more rigor.

Website Project Roadmap Resources – Books

Good luck finding any books on this topic. I can’t find any books that cover it specifically or generally. Let me know if you can find any.

Website Project Roadmap Resources – Websites

There are very few resources on how to make a project roadmap. But technology roadmapping has some good ideas on how to mix in more strategy and rigor to the process that I have described.

Sopheon makes a software product which help with the process of technology roadmapping. And have a great article on the process.

Yeah, I know that wikipedia isn't the most reliable source of information, but the ideas in this article are pretty good. I reviewed it on March 30, 2008.